Blue Diamond Pan Reviews of 2022 [User Recommendations]

Blue Diamond Pan Review

Blue Diamond is an ceramic non-stick Frying Pan that was made for TV. You’ve probably seen the commercials that tout its performance, durability, and the special coating which is “infused with millions of diamonds.”  

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I spent hours analyzing owner feedback and product info to differentiate meaningful features from empty marketing claims for our Blue Diamond pan review.

In this article, For as long as I can remember, I’ve been looking for a good non-toxic, non-stick pan. The latest in our cookware purchases is the Blue Diamond Pan set. This article will dive into our experience and give you our Blue Diamond pan review. I’ll explain how this product performs in most kitchens, and what questions you should be asking before making a purchase.

What is the Blue Diamond Pan?

Blue Diamond is a famous brand of fired non-stick cookware that you most likely found by means of an infomercial on digital TV. They offer a few fricasseeing and saute dishes, and a mixed bag of other kitchen apparatuses, cookware and bakeware. 

Their items are presumably most popular for their mark “diamond infused” Thermolon covering, which is promoted to give excellent durability and nonstick execution. 

The pans are made in China by Anotech International and disseminated all around the world by The Cookware Company. This is the very organization that claims GreenPan, Green Chef, GreenLife, and other noted fired cookware brands. 

The Cookware Company unquestionably realizes how to sell a pan, and the Blue Diamond line talks directly to the convenience-oriented home chef across their marketing materials.

Take a gander at several of the advertising claims,

  • Super nonstick ability.
  • It is oven-safe to 850°F.
  • Diamonds conduct heat 4x faster than copper.
  • The pan is dishwasher and metal utensil safe.
  • The pan is manufactured toxin free for safe cooking. 
  • The pan base is “forged” for strength and to prevent warping.
  • The cook surface is covered by a layer of diamond-infused ceramic.
  • The non-stick coating lasts 10x longer than traditional nonstick frying pans.

Why choose Blue Diamond Pan?

Blue Diamond pans and cookware guarantee to have multiple times harder coating and are 10 times longer lasting than other nonstick cookware.

They guarantee to move heat 4 times better compared to other pan brands. This heat distribution is a nice feature to have when you are cooking.

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The main reason to use Blue Diamond pan is to utilize a toxin free covering to cause their pans to have a non-stick covering. So far, they have sold over 2 million of their diamond infusion pan.

Are there actually diamonds in the pan?

The brand guarantees their dish is covered with a flimsy layer of art which has been infused with millions of diamonds, making it incredibly durable and an excellent conductor of heat.

The maker of Thermolon ceramics affirmed with our group that diamonds are utilized in their coatings, however they wouldn’t unveil in what amount or the particular provider they use. 

As we suspected, and Thermolon affirmed, these are not jewel grade stones being utilized in Blue Diamond cookware items. Rather, the material utilized is a kind of lab-developed modern grade diamond dust. 

You can really purchase this kind of jewel dust on Amazon for about $2 per gram, and a modern gathering like Thermolon is definitely easier to evaluate than you or I may find on a little pack retail thing. 

All of that to say, diamond implantation is a pleasant promoting point, however with this pan you ought not anticipate being cooking on the Hope diamond.

What is the Blue Diamond pan made of?

Blue Diamond pans are made of a diamond covering that makes them more durable and a superior non-stick covering. It can also withstand metal utensils which is something most other nonstick cookware can’t do. 

The diamond covering is designed to replace the traditional chemical non-stick coating. This is the manner by which they can make non-harmful and synthetic free non-stick pan. 

Their frying pans have stainless steel handles making them able to withstand oven heat. Just make sure to watch them after they come out of the oven.

How good is the heat distribution?

Proprietors say the Blue Diamond skillet warms rapidly and equally on most cook surfaces. 

Like for all intents and purposes all well known nonstick cookware accessible today, the Blue Diamond skillet is worked on an aluminum base. Aluminum is a great conveyor, so you can anticipate quick warming and in any event, cooking on a hot plate, gas, electric or halogen oven. 

The brand guarantees that precious stones direct hotness 4x quicker than copper, a material which is seen by numerous individuals as the best quality in heat conduction for cookware. Is the case valid? 

While the case is in fact right, it is additionally extremely deceptive. 

Indeed, diamonds are great conductors of heat. No, this doesn’t mean your skillet will warm 4x quicker than the best copper cookware. 

diamond dust is mixed into the ceramic cook surface covering and may help with directing hotness across that meager layer. This might be a minimal advantage, yet this isn’t the fundamental component driving how rapidly the container warms up. 

The vast majority of the dish material and weight comes from the strong aluminum base. Aluminum is somewhat less receptive to changes in temperature when contrasted with copper, however it warms similarly as equally.

Does it work with an induction cook top?

Blue Diamond cookware does not work on an induction stove. The solid aluminum base provides excellent heat distribution, but lacks the magnetic qualities needed to activate the proper function of an induction stove.

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If you plan on using an induction cook top, then your pots and pans should be manufactured with a ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron or stainless steel in order to work effectively.

Induction compatible non-stick cookware is less common in North America, where few kitchens use an induction stove. Some brands do offer induction compatible upgrades. In most cases, the manufacturer will simply embed a steel plate into the aluminum base of a non-induction model. The materials addition is commonly reflected by a 30-50% price increase over the base model.

How Good is the Non-stick Property?

Proprietors gave blended surveys on the presentation of Blue Diamond’s non-stick covering. We would generally credit the errors in criticism, to contrasts in assumption. 

The brand asserts the skillet has a “very nonstick capacity.” 

While the ads make this present skillet’s non-stick execution look supernatural, you shouldn’t anticipate that degree of execution in your kitchen. The dish’s consideration guidelines determine that you ought to consistently utilize a high-heat cooking oil to open the best food discharge. 

In case you’re expecting your eggs to slide out of the dish without fail, without oil, then, at that point, you’ll most likely be disillusioned. 

Earthenware covered skillets like Blue Diamond have a recognizable nonstick when contrasted and other famous cooking materials like hardened steel. Those helpful properties will blur with time and rehashed use.

Where can I use Blue Diamond Pans?

Blue Diamond pots and pans can be used in a variety of ranges such as gas, electric, halogen, glass top, induction cook top it’s hard to find induction compatible cookware at this price, and used in ovens up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit another huge benefit, though be careful of that metal handle.

Is Blue Diamond Oven Safe?

The Blue Diamond pan is appraised oven protected up to 850°F, however the glass lids are simply protected to 425 °F. 

These temperature evaluations apply just to oven use, and are not reasonable as a rule for how the pan ought to be utilized on a stove top. Most home-use ovens top out at 500°F, and on top of that most oven-to-stove recipes don’t reach that high anyway. 

The oven-rating on this pan is fine, though we struggle to think of a situation where most kitchens would want to use it at such high temperatures. I guess it’s there if you need it.

Is Blue Diamond Dishwasher Safe?

Although the brand’s advertisements claim the pan is dishwasher safe, the care instructions specify that owners should hand-wash the Blue Diamond pan.

Fast variances in temperature and openness to brutal cleansers in a dishwasher cycle can undoubtedly harm the container’s development, especially the non-stick covering. As you would likewise expect, the steady rattling of dishes in a programmed dishwasher will in general scratch and chip fired cooking surfaces. 

Allow the skillet to cool prior to cleaning it, and utilize a delicate towel to clean it rapidly. Much of the time cleanser and water is over the top excess. Also, don’t stack your skillet while putting it away. Pan-on-pan friction may scratch, chip or dent the ceramic.

Pros and Cons of Blue Diamond Cookware

Generally speaking the Blue Diamond dish is good. It is non-stick, if you utilize a non-stick cook spray, and I like it more than the T-Fal pans we used in the past.

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Overall yes, the Blue Diamond pans are very good and better for you. But their claims and their reality are slightly different.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Blue Diamond pans:


The Blue Diamond pans have several pros:

  • Solid forged base
  • Metal safe for utensils.
  • Excellent conductor of heat
  • They have a better non-stick coating.
  • Cooks on Medium heat, so it saves money.
  • Toxin-Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, Lead, or Cadmium.
  • Diamonds are a harder material and the cooking other cooking materials


The drawbacks of Blue Diamond cookware are:

  • Hand washed, even though they advertise dishwasher safety.
  • The premium price makes me question the added value of these pots and pans.
  • Don’t use sprays. This one makes me wonder what is in aerosol and why we shouldn’t, but so far, I’ve been ok using olive oil for cooking with it.
  • Chipped easily on the pans’ lip, which should not happen in the first month of usage, in my opinion.


After consideration of the pros and cons, we advocate for the Blue Diamond pan. The Blue Diamond pan is affordable, durable, and can handle much higher heat than traditional non-stick pans. It also gives enough service in the course of its lifetime to justify the expenditure without long-term adverse effects on your health. Just be ready to dispose of them as soon as they run their course. It is a worthy and affordable transitional investment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Diamond Pan 

Q1. How long do blue diamond pans Last?

Ceramic nonstick pans, like Blue Diamond, typically last under 2 years. Traditional nonstick pans using PTFE also known as Teflon may last up to 5 years. Owners report that the durability of the Blue Diamond pan is about average when compared to other ceramic nonstick alternatives.

Q2. Does Blue Diamond have a warranty?

BLUE DIAMOND Pan Limited Lifetime Warranty. We are pleased to offer a 90 day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on all Blue Diamond Cookware to the consumer who originally purchased the product.

Q3. Why do my eggs stick to my non-stick pan?

Eggs are like glue. So it’s not a surprise that eggs will stick to the bottom of your pan. While the egg cooks, its proteins are forming chemical bonds with the metal of the pan. A nonstick coating interferes with this bonding, and so does adding fat like oil or butter to the pan before the eggs.

Q4. Can you use olive oil in Blue Diamond pans?

We recommend using oil or butter. Do not use extra virgin olive oil as it cannot withstand high heating and will leave a thin carbonized layer on your non-stick. • Because of the excellent heat conductivity of your pan and the non-stick Blue DiamondTM layer, food and oil can carbonize very rapidly.

Q5. Does coconut oil ruin non-stick pans?

With non-stick cookware, you don’t need as much oil as a typical stainless steel pan. In fact, you don’t even need to cover the whole pan. You can use just enough to provide a protective barrier between the food and the ceramic. At low to medium heat, olive oil or coconut oil can be the perfect companion.

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