Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews of 2022 [Ranked]

Blue Diamond Cookware Review

Blue Diamond is a decent section-level dish in case you’re on a careful spending plan and not worried about toughness. The item doesn’t face a significant number of its amazing publicizing claims. All things considered, proprietors with practical assumptions were for the most part fulfilled by the degree of significant worth they got. You’ve most likely seen the ads that promote its presentation, toughness, and exceptional covering which is “imbued with a huge number of precious stones.” I went through hours breaking down proprietor input and item information to separate significant highlights from void showcasing claims for our Blue Diamond skillet audit. In this article, I’ll clarify how this item acts in many kitchens, and what questions you ought to ask prior to making a buy. 

Our Top 3 Picks

- 10%
#Top 1
ECTY Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan, 8"
ECTY Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan, 8"
$13.47 $14.99 
#Top 2
Copper Chef Cookware 9-Pc. Round Pan Set, Aluminum and Steel with Ceramic Non-Stick Coating Cookware Set, Includes Lids, Frying and Roasting Pans Accessories, Pots and Pans Set
Copper Chef Cookware 9-Pc. Round Pan Set, Aluminum and Steel with Ceramic...
#Top 3
Mibanasu 9.5 inch Nonstick Skillet Frying Pan, Fry Pan with Easy-grip and Stay-cool Stainless Steel Handles, Multipurpose Pan, Pans for electric, gas, induction cooktops, PFOA-free
Mibanasu 9.5 inch Nonstick Skillet Frying Pan, Fry Pan with Easy-grip and...


Key Features

  • Cookware set incorporates 7″ and 9.5″ broiling container, 2.5 quarts sauté skillet with cover, 2 quart and 3-quart pots with covers, 5-quart stockpot with top, 1 hardened steel liner, and 3 multipurpose dark nylon cooking tools 
  • Metal utensil protected, Blue Diamond’s unique precious stone injected earthenware nonstick is 5x harder and 10x longer enduring than conventional coatings 
  • Precious stones are 4x more conductive than copper, so Blue Diamond warms quicker and tidies up simpler 
  • Poison Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium 
  • Twist Control Bases: Heavy-obligation fashioned bases forestall distorting, wobbling, or debasing after some time 
  • Stove and oven protected up to 600°F 
  • Dishwasher ok for simple cleanup 
  • Tough glass covers for simple food observing, stove protected up to 425°F 
  • Bolted treated steel handles for a protected and agreeable hold 
  • For all burners, aside from acceptance


  • Model Name Diamond-Infused 
  • Material Ceramic 
  • Brand Blue Diamond Cookware 
  • Color Blue 
  • Capacity 5 Quarts 



  • Warms rapidly and equitably. 
  • Very reasonable. 
  • Good food discharge, for simple tidy up. 


  • Underperforms promoting claims. 
  • Not viable with enlistment ovens. 
  • Limited solidness.


Elective: Durability 


In the event that toughness is the most noteworthy need for you, you should think about The Rock by Starfrit all things being equal. It is normally more costly than Blue Diamond, however, it does, in any case, fall on the “reasonable” side of the evaluating range. Numerous proprietors report their skillet live more than 2 years, which is presumably the best you’ll find without changing to a PTFE-based nonstick item. 


Elective: Food Release 


Assuming uncommon food discharge is directing your choice, you most likely will not find a fundamentally better item without taking a gander at PTFE-based other options. In case you are completely expecting to keep away from questionable synthetics like PTFE, skirt on to the following area. 


The T-Fal Professional Total Nonstick line is correspondingly valued to Blue Diamond, and made by the first maker of nonstick cookware. For some proprietors, this set keeps going for as long as 5 years, and the nonstick properties of Teflon (a brand of PTFE) are extraordinary. 


Elective: Induction Cooking 


Blue Diamond is certifiably not ideal for kitchens that mean to cook utilizing an enlistment oven. There are not many choices available for clay cookware that is likewise acceptance viable. 


The Green Earth skillet by Ozeri is among a couple of enlistment viable choices that are correspondingly valued to the Blue Diamond Pan. You may likewise consider the Venice Pro and Valencia Pro assortments by GreenPan. 

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Final Thought


As we said at the top, Blue Diamond is a decent passage-level dish in case you’re on a tight spending plan and not worried about sturdiness. When bought with reasonable assumptions most proprietors appear to be fulfilled by the degree of significant worth they got.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Blue Diamond Pan? 


Blue Diamond is a famous brand of fired non-stick cookware that you presumably found through an infomercial on satellite TV. They offer a few singing and saute a dish, and a hodgepodge of other kitchen machines, cookware, and bakeware. Their items are most likely most popular for their mark “precious stone injected” Thermolon covering, which is promoted to give extraordinary toughness and nonstick execution. The container is fabricated in China by Anotech International and appropriated around the world by The Cookware Company. This is the very organization that claims GreenPan, Green Chef, GreenLife, and other noted clay cookware brands. The Cookware Company positively realizes how to sell a dish, and the Blue Diamond line talks straightforwardly to the accommodation situated home gourmet expert across their promoting materials. 


Look at a few of the publicizing claims, 


  • The non-stick covering keeps going 10x longer than the conventional nonstick fricasseeing dish. 
  • The container is made poison-free for safe cooking. 
  • The cooking surface is covered by a layer of precious stone imbued fired. 
  • Precious stones direct hotness 4x quicker than copper. 
  • The dish base is “manufactured” for strength and to forestall distorting. 
  • Very nonstick capacity. 
  • It is stove protected to 850°F. 
  • The container is dishwasher and metal utensil safe. 
  • We’ll look at the legitimacy of these cases beneath. 


2. How tough is the Blue Diamond skillet? 


In ads, Blue Diamond guarantees their unique Thermolon non-stick covering keeps going 10x longer than a customary nonstick container. In light of the proprietor input we dissected, our decision was that this case is incredibly exaggerated. Most proprietors announced that, with ordinary use, their skillet went on with regards to a year. We likewise revealed a few situations where a proprietor’s dish required substitution after a couple of months. Low solidness is a typical element of non-stick cookware items. Artistic nonstick container, similar to Blue Diamond, regularly lasts under 2 years. Conventional nonstick containers utilizing PTFE (otherwise called Teflon) may endure as long as 5 years. Proprietors report that the toughness of the Blue Diamond skillet is about normal when contrasted with other ceramic nonstick options. It positively isn’t 10x tougher. At the cost, however, most proprietors basically acknowledge the toughness constraints.


3. Is Blue Diamond protected to cook with? 


Blue Diamond utilizes Thermolon fired to make a nonstick covering on the dish’s cook surface. It is liberated from PTFE, PFOA, lead, nickel, and cadmium. The brand asserts that the skillet is made poison-free for safe cooking. Clay coatings are generally considered to be a solid option to conventional PTFE nonstick, which has gone under debate lately. We connected with The Cookware Company and the Korean producer of Thermolon coatings to affirm that Blue Diamond’s covering is thoroughly liberated from fluoropolymers and other fluorinated materials, for example, PFAS. They affirmed this point and stressed that the covering contains no substantial metals or endocrine disturbing synthetics. The covering is agreeable with US FDA rules and the Madrid Statement, in which researchers and specialists illustrated synthetic substances with negative ecological ramifications. 


4. Are there really precious stones in the container? 


The brand asserts their container is covered with a slender layer of earthenware which has been mixed with a large number of jewels, making it unquestionably strong and an amazing conductor of hotness. The maker of Thermolon Artist affirmed with our group that precious stones are utilized in their coatings, however, they wouldn’t reveal in what amount or the particular provider they use. As we suspected, and Thermolon affirmed, these are not pearl-grade stones being utilized in Blue Diamond cookware items. Rather, the material utilized is a kind of lab-developed modern-grade jewel dust. 

You can really purchase this kind of precious stone residue on Amazon for about $2 per gram, and a modern gathering like Thermolon is without a doubt improving evaluating than you or I may find on a little pack retail thing. All of that to say, precious stone implantation is a great showcasing point, yet with this container, you ought not to anticipate being cooking on the Hope jewel. 

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5. How great is the hotness circulation? 


Proprietors say the Blue Diamond dish warms rapidly and equally on most cook surfaces. Like practically, all well-known nonstick cookware accessible today, the Blue Diamond dish is worked on an aluminum base. Aluminum is a fantastic transmitter, so you can anticipate quick warming and in any event, cooking on a hot plate, gas, electric, or halogen stove. The brand assets that jewels lead heat 4x quicker than copper, a material which is seen by numerous individuals as the best quality in heat conduction for cookware. Is the case valid? While the case is actually right, it is likewise extremely deceptive. Indeed, precious stones are superb conductors of hotness. No, this doesn’t mean your dish will warm 4x quicker than the best copper cookware. The precious stone residue is implanted into the clay cook surface covering and may help with leading hotness across that slim layer. This might be a negligible advantage, yet this isn’t the fundamental element driving how rapidly the container warms up. The vast majority of the dish material and the weight comes from the strong aluminum base. Aluminum is somewhat less receptive to changes in temperature when contrasted with copper, however, it warms similarly as equally.


6. Does it work with an acceptance cooktop? 


Blue Diamond cookware doesn’t chip away at an enlistment oven. The strong aluminum base gives great hotness dissemination, yet does not have the attractive characteristics expected to initiate the legitimate capacity of an acceptance oven. Assuming you anticipate utilizing an acceptance cooktop, your pots and skillet ought to be fabricated with a ferromagnetic metal, for example, cast iron or tempered steel to work viably. 

Acceptance of viable non-stick cookware is more uncommon in North America, where hardly any kitchens utilize an enlistment oven. A few brands do offer enlistment viable updates. Much of the time, the maker will just insert a steel plate into the aluminum base of a non-acceptance model. The materials expansion is ordinarily reflected by a 30-half cost increment over the base model. 


7. Will the dish twist? 


This is a low to medium hotness dish, with a proprietor checking the history of twisting under high hotness. It is additionally conceivable to twist the skillet through a speedy change in temperature, for example, putting a hot dish in water. The brand guarantees that the container base is “produced” for solidarity to forestall distorting. In our view, this case is absolutely sensible inasmuch as you have the assumption that nonstick dishes ought to never be utilized under high hotness conditions or cooled quickly. Certain individuals love the sizzling sound of a hot dish entering cold water. Lamentably, the container doesn’t care for it very so much. 


Sensational changes in temperature will cause the aluminum container base to extend or contract quickly. At the point when various spaces of the container therapist or stretch at various rates, this outcome in twisting. 


Fast cooling may likewise make nonstick veneer pull separated from the aluminum base, as the two materials contract at various rates. This kind of harm is past repair. How acceptable is the nonstick property? 


Proprietors gave blended surveys on the exhibition of Blue Diamond’s non-stick covering. We would generally ascribe the errors in input, to contrasts in assumption. 


The brand asserts the dish has a “very nonstick capacity.” 


While the notices make this current container’s non-stick execution look otherworldly, you shouldn’t anticipate that degree of execution in your kitchen. The skillet’s consideration guidelines indicate that you ought to consistently utilize a high-heat cooking oil to open the best food discharge. 


In case you’re expecting your eggs to slide out of the container without fail, without oil, then, at that point, you’ll most likely be baffled. 

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Clay-covered skillets like Blue Diamond have a perceptible nonstick when contrasted and other well-known cooking materials like tempered steel. Those helpful properties will blur with time and rehash use. Clay will in general give somewhat less food discharge than customary nonstick cookware, which utilizes PTFE. In spite of the fact that PTFE is perhaps the slickest substance known to man, numerous kitchens settle on an artistic elective like Blue Diamond referring to wellbeing concerns. 


8. Is Blue Diamond Oven Safe? 


The Blue Diamond dish is appraised stove protected up to 850°F, however, the glass covers are simply protected to 425 °F. 


These temperature evaluations apply just to broiler use and are not reasonable as a rule for how the dish ought to be utilized on a burner. Most home-use broilers top out at 500°F, and on top of that most broiler, to-oven plans don’t arrive at that high in any case. 


The stove rating on this skillet is fine, however, we battle to think about a circumstance where most kitchens would need to utilize it at such high temperatures. I get it’s there if you want it. 


9. Is Blue Diamond Dishwasher Safe? 


Albeit the brand’s promotions guarantee the container is dishwasher protected, the consideration guidelines determine that proprietors should hand-wash the Blue Diamond skillet. 


Fast vacillations in temperature and openness to brutal cleansers in a dishwasher cycle can without much of a stretch harm the container’s development, especially the nonstick covering. As you would likewise expect, the consistent rattling of dishes in a programmed dishwasher will in general scratch and chip earthenware cooking surfaces. 


Allow the container to cool prior to cleaning it, and utilize a delicate towel to clean it rapidly. Much of the time cleanser and water are over the top excess. Also, don’t stack your skillet while putting it away. Skillet on-container grinding might scratch, chip, or gouge the earthenware.


10. What utensils work best with Blue Diamond? 


Albeit the brand’s promotions guarantee the container is impervious to metal utensils, the makers’ consideration directions determine that proprietors should utilize wood or nylon utensils. 


Nylon utensils are an extraordinary choice for strength, simplicity of cleaning, and moderateness. They are sufficiently able to take care of business and delicate enough not to harm a sensitive nonstick cook surface while being used. 


As numerous proprietors expressed, utilization of metal utensils was a certain fire way of shortening the life expectancy of their Blue Diamond dish. We’ve seen this kind of input reliably across all of the non-stick cookware items here. My Recommendation 


Blue Diamond might be a solid match in case you’re focusing on moderateness, accommodation, and materials security. In the event that you buy this skillet exclusively dependent on exciting infomercial claims, you might be frustrated. 


Likewise, with most TV limited-time items, the promoting claims are oversold. Proprietors say this item presents better than expected execution for a fired skillet, at a truly sensible cost. In any case, it isn’t enchantment. 


11. Is Blue Diamond legit?


Blue diamonds are real, natural diamonds that form beneath the earth’s surface over billions of years. These diamonds are not color-treated or enhanced to get their blue color—it is natural. The mesmerizing color of the blue diamond comes from traces of boron in the diamond’s carbon composition


12. Does Blue Diamond cookware have Teflon?

Is Blue Diamond safe to cook with? Blue Diamond uses Thermolon ceramic to create a nonstick coating on the pan’s cook surface. It is free of PTFE, PFOA, lead, nickel, and cadmium. The brand claims that the pan is manufactured toxin-free for safe cooking.


13. Why is food sticking to my blue diamond pan?

Why do nonstick pans start sticking in the first place? For the most part, coated pots and pans are easy to keep clean, but they do get stains and scratches, and over time, grease and other tiny food particles may build up in these areas, making them sticky


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