Best Black Tea In India Reviews for 2022 [Top Expert Picks]

Best Black Tea In India

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Our Top 3 Picks

#Top 1
VAHDAM, Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - 10 TEAS, 50 SERVINGS - Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Chai Tea, White Tea | Tea Variety Pack | Hot, Iced, Kombucha Tea
VAHDAM, Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - 10 TEAS, 50 SERVINGS - Black Tea,...
#Top 2
Loose Leaf Chai Tea (200+ Cups) - Fresh Harvest - Assam CTC Black Tea Blended with Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger and Cardamom - Direct from Our Family-Owned Estate in India - 1 Pound Bulk Pouch
Loose Leaf Chai Tea (200+ Cups) - Fresh Harvest - Assam CTC Black Tea Blended...
#Top 3
VAHDAM, Himalayan Green Tea Leaves (50+ Cups) I 100% NATURAL Green Tea I POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS I Best for Detox I Kombucha Tea I Pure Green Tea Loose-Leaf, 3.53 oz
VAHDAM, Himalayan Green Tea Leaves (50+ Cups) I 100% NATURAL Green Tea I...

1. Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea

Octavius exemplary Assam tea is one of the most incredible dark tea in India in 2022. Some of the Octavius dark tea revives the brain and body. This dark tea will become amazing to begin your day as it will empower your disposition and body. The tea leaves in each tea back are hand culled and tried by experts. Veteran tea potatoes cautiously join a strain of tea leaves which is placed into every tea sack to provide you with a sublime cup of genuine Assam dark tea directly in the solace of your home. All our natural substances and fixings come from the best and best tea ranches of Assam.


Key Features

  • TEA Only Selected BY Vet TEA TASTERS – Octavius classic Assam Box of 100 Tea Bags is a special tea strain made from the most special handpicked leaf buds from the best tea nurseries of Assam. This powerful, full-bodied, and striking single beginning tea is an astonishing tea drinking experience.
  • Taste IT-fresh every time – Perfectly bundled to safeguard the flavor, scent, and shade of the new leaf, bringing about a mouth-watering cup of tea.
  • Incredible TASTE AND AROMA – A strong, full-bodied, and striking single beginning second flush Summer Season Assam Tea with a sweet woody smell and a particular malty flavor in each taste



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand Octavius
  • Bundle Information Bag, Tin
  • Flavour Assam Black
  • Form Tea Bags
  • Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 7 x 16.5 Centimeters
  • Weight 200 Grams
  • Units 100.00 count
  • Material Feature Vegetarian



  • Flavourful and sweet-smelling Tea
  • Extraordinary Packaging
  • Handpicked by proficient tea testers


2. Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea

The Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea remains one of the top dark tea brands in India in 2022. The guarantee of Dabur has forever been to convey goodness to each Indian Home. Dabur is a believed name in the Indian family and that is intelligent enough of the way that Dabur is dependable and has been selling quality items since the 1890s. The Dabur Suraksha Black tea is the best dark tea you really want prior to hitting the hay, particularly in winters. Dabur is popular for incorporating ayurvedic benefits into their items to make them better delectable as well as incredibly solid. The Dabur Black Tea accompanies the decency for five spices Tulsi, Daalchini, Shunthi, Black Pepper, and Kishmish.

Key Features

  • Contains the integrity of 5 ayurvedic spices which assist with supporting insusceptibility
  • tulsi – mitigates pressure cell reinforcement activity
  • kali mirch invulnerable modulator alleviates blockage
  • daalchini is really great for digestion really great for stomach related wellbeing
  • kishmish really great for heart wellbeing soothes weakness
  • Shun the great for respiratory wellbeing great for cerebrum wellbeing



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand DABUR
  • Bundle Information Bag
  • Flavour Basil
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Suggested Uses For Product Heart Health, Congestion, Digestive Health, Brain Health
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 14.5 x 6.8 x 8 Centimeters
  • Weight 38 Grams
  • Units 25 count
  • Material Feature Vegetarian



  • The decency of 5 ayurvedic.
  • The nature of Dabur Brand
  • Incredible tea sacks at an extraordinary cost


3. Twinings Assam Premium Black Tea


Twinings is viewed as the best dark tea brand in India as it is known for its quality. The scope of tea by twining is the ideal blend of spices, flavors, and tea leaves. The fragrance and taste will leave your faculties enchanted. The excursion of Twinings began in London by Thomas Twining. It was even given a Royal Warrant to make tea for each British Monarch. Twining’s targets make a superior life and through their excellent tea as well as through stepping up. To purchase tea and add to society, Twining contributes a piece of their benefit by giving it to individuals who need better living in towns. Twinings even give preparation to ranchers who are out of luck and need support in expanding their creation.

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Key Features

  • ASSAM’S FINEST TEA: Twinings Assam tea is a flawless mix made of tea leaves hand-picked from the fields of Assam. The tea has a solid and fulfilling flavor. Its rich, intense taste and exciting smell can be appreciated with each taste.
  • Instructions to MAKE THE PERFECT ASSAM TEA: Add a teabag to some bubbling water for 3 minutes to permit the flavors to implant. Add milk and sugar to your carefulness.
  • A STRONG BLEND: The tea is ideally suited for individuals who appreciate solid taste and smell. Some Twinings’ Assam will leave you revived and enthusiastic as the tea is produced using the leave painstakingly culled from the ages-old tea nursery of Assam.
  • ABOUT TWININGS: The tradition of gathering the best tea from select tea gardens all through the world got Twinings Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria for making tea for the British Monarchs. Your ideal lunch breakages really taking shape.
  • Amount: 25 teabags



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand Twinings
  • Bundle Information Bag
  • Flavour Robust
  • Form Tea Bags
  • Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Suggested Uses For Product Relaxation
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 7 x 8 x 15.4 Centimeters
  • Weight 20 Grams
  • Units 25 count


  • Doesn’t lose quality during transportations
  • Can be ready by following straightforward advances
  • The ideal harmony between flavor and smell

4. Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea

Cardiology is viewed as one of the Most mind-blowing dark tea brands in India since it has an eye for detail Chaiology jumps profound into the specialty of tea making and targets giving the customers a final result with incredible quality. Chailogy means to arrive at flawlessness for each and every tea pack it produces. It centers around the consistency of each interaction engaged with the creation from getting the unrefined substance to the last mixes.

Key Features

  • Darjeeling is filled in West Bengal, India in the Darjeeling District, which is arranged at the lower regions of the Himalayas in the upper east corner of the country.
  • Darjeeling, champagne among dark teas, comes from India and is one of the most significant and liked dark teas on the planet.
  • Caffeine content:- Darjeeling is produced using more youthful leaves and buds that contain more caffeine than more established more adult leaves implies seriously stirring.
  • Cell reinforcement movement and helping resistance:- The counter oxidative action in dark tea comes from thearubigins and theaflavins.
  • They might assist with searching free revolutionaries and may uphold diminish oxidative movement
  • Help weight reduction:- Darjeeling tea content high measure of polyphenols have an incredible enemy of heftiness properties.
  • Step by step instructions to brew Darjeeling tea:- When it comes to preparing this lovely tea there are no firm principles,



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Flavour Darjeeling Premium
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Suggested Uses For Product Relaxation
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 5.5 x 16 Centimeters
  • Weight 50 Grams
  • Units 1 count
  • Material Feature Vegetarian
  • Specialty Vegetarian



  • Simple to mix
  • Numerous Health benefits
  • Purchaser centered brand

5. Teamonk Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea

The Teamonk offers the best natural dark tea in India, known as the Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea. Hozo interprets as secret fortune and that is the place where the unrefined substance of the tea is obtained from, the secret fortune of Nilgiris Hills.

Teamonk centers around keeping up with the virtue of the item and carrying nature to us and on similar lines, the tea priest gives us the Hozo Pekoe Black tea which is liberated from any additional smells, extra engineered flavors, fake substances, and extra oils. The tea is 100% natural and unadulterated.

Key Features

  • Hozo Orange Pekoe Black Tea accompanies a large group of advantages, for example, further develops skin wellbeing, a rich wellspring of nutrient c and cancer prevention agents lessens pulse, gives stomach wellbeing protective fiber. Hozo Orange Pekoe Black Tea has just regular fixings. This tea is mixed with unadulterated Orange.
  • 100% Natural. No Additives, No Oils, and No Essences have been added to our items.
  • Brand With A Difference: Teamonk Sources the best of teas from select nurseries in India and conveys new tea across 10 nations. We keep on remaining consistent with giving Best Class Tea Experience.
  • High Mountain Whole Long Leaf Tea: PREMIUM QUALITY Loose Leaf filled in the High Mountain spaces of Nilgiris.
  • Simple to Prepare: Add 1 piled teaspoon (2 Grams) of tea to 200ml of Boiling Water. Blend for 3 Minutes. Strain the tea leaves and move to a cup. Your Hot Cup of Tea is Ready!
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  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand Teamonk Global
  • Flavour Orange Pekoe Black Tea
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Caffeine Content Medium Caffeine
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 8.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 Centimeters
  • Weight 0.22 Pounds
  • Units 100.0 gram



  • Extraordinary entire long leaf tea
  • From the tea nurseries of Nilgiri slopes
  • Catalyst tea to revive you

6. Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea

The Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea is named as one of the most amazing dark teas in India as it is said to have all the decency of Darjeeling in a pack. When you mix the tea, the scent of the tea manors leaks into your faculties and includes you in general. Darjeeling tea has been demonstrated to be perhaps the best wellspring of dark tea, it is filled in practically amazing climate conditions which makes the nature of the tea incredible. Each taste of tea you take loosens up your muscles and sets pressure free from your body.

Key Features

  • Darjeeling Black Tea, Blended, Musky fruity flavors
  • Summer Flush, Whole Leaf
  • Material Feature: Veg; Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Fixings: Darjeeling Tea-100%; Country Of Origin: India.
  • Item Quantity: 250 GM, Type of Container: Tin Container/Caddy



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Bundle Information Tin
  • Flavour Flavored
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Caffeine Content Caffeine Free
  • Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Suggested Uses For Product Stress Relief
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 9 x 13 Centimeters
  • Weight 0.25 Kilograms


  • Extraordinary with extra milk
  • Darjeeling is the wellspring of tea
  • Entire leaf tea


7. Typhoo Darjeeling Black Tea

The Typhoo Darjeeling dark tea is widely praised to be the best tea brand in India attributable to the way that their dark tea is sensibly valued and offers similar quality as numerous other premium brands. The Typhoo Darjeeling dark tea arrives in a bunch of 25 tea packs, all containing premium quality leaves from Darjeeling’s dark tea ranches.

Typhoo sources its tea from the northeastern sides of the Himalayas which harbors probably the most established and most valid tea gardens. The Typhoo Black tea can be intoxicated just with plain water, however, a couple of drops of lemon or a teaspoon of honey makes it far and away superior. The tea once arranged has a rich brilliant earthy colored shading which is satisfying to the eyes.


Key Features

  • DARJEELING TEA: This, champagne, all things considered, has a hot, muscatel flavor. Handpicked from the Himalayan lower regions, they are an expert’s decision.
  • Invigorating: This dark tea taken with or without milk keeps you revived and dynamic for the afternoon.
  • Fixings: Enjoy your brew improved with tea and premium Darjeeling tea.
  • Instructions to BREW: Use one typhoon teabag per cup in bubbling water, Infuse for 3-5 mins, add sugar to improve taste, your Perfect cup is prepared.



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand Ty-phoo
  • Bundle Information Bag
  • Flavour Black tea
  • Form Tea Bags
  • Weight 2 Grams
  • Units 25 count
  • Material Feature Vegetarian
  • Specialty Vegetarian



  • Sensibly evaluated with extraordinary quality
  • Obtained from old and credible tea gardens
  • Secure bundling which locks flavors, newness, and fragrance.

8. Kadamb Assam CTC Black Tea

Kadamb is one of the most grounded dark tea brands in India. Kidman makes tea which is craftsmanship itself. Following quite a while of training in making tea, Kadamb has accomplished a standard that sets the bar for some different brands.

The Kadam Assam CTC dark tea is exceptional tea that is hand-culled by tea specialists in Assam. The tea contains free leaves which are extraordinary for fermenting and setting up the drink with milk. The tea comes in fixed bundling to keep up with the newness and aroma of the tea.


Key Features

  • Premium black CTC loose tea leaf is perfect for the conventional chai with Milk or alcoholic tea. Ensured newness as tea is pressed inside 48 hours of culling from our bequests. Each leaf is writing culled from our lavish green homes and handled in the most current setting
  • 100% single estate Tea, no mixing or blending in with different tea stages, invigorating it more and liveliness. One teaspoon of tea can provide a solid cup. We propose you attempt a more modest measure of tea per mug initially
  • Our tea is developed utilizing maintainable practices. Our nurseries and assembling office are confirmed by Trustee, which implies that each gram of tea is delivered by capable and straightforward conventions
  • Content: 1 kg of tea, in 4 bundles of 250 grams each. Gives 400 cups. Timeframe of realistic usability is a year. Blending Instruction: Boil wetness, put 1 teaspoon of Kadamb CTC tea, mix for 3-5 mins, strain, appreciate hot or cold



  • Tea Variety Assam
  • Brand BONPITHA
  • Bundle Information Tin
  • Flavour Tea
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Suggested Uses For Product Relaxation
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 9.5 x 18 x 4.5 Centimeters
  • Weight 1 Kilograms
  • Units 1000 gram



  • Capably and morally delivered tea
  • Tea from a solitary bequest which implies virtue and consistency
  • Plenty of medical advantages


9. Tata Tea Premium, 1kg


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Tata Tea Premium, Launched In 1985, spearheaded the parcel tea upset in India bringing teas straight from the nursery straightforwardly to buyers in Poly Packs that would hold the newness of teas. Goodbye Tea Premium comprehends the provincial tea taste inclinations of shoppers and offers mixes to provide food to them. Which is the reason Tata Tea Premium is one of the biggest tea brands in India and really a ‘Desh ki Chai’.


Key Features

  • Goodbye Tea premium, India KeLiyeAnokhaSwad
  • Deshki chai: Tata Tea premium includes a special flavor that chai darlings across India will appreciate. Organic: No
  • Extraordinary Cup: Appreciate the impeccable taste of the ‘Chai’ created for India
  • Special blend: Pamper is a remarkable mix created by Tea specialists
  • Delightful Tea Leaves: Create your lunch breaks intriguing with a taste of your cherished tea
  • Recyclable Package: Tata Tea premium arrives in recyclable bundling which is climate well disposed
  • Likewise Try: Unrestricted in Leaf, Dust, and Tea Bag designs
  • Regularly Explored Subjects: tea 1 kg, tea in storage space, chai Patti, masala tea, chai, tea leaves, solid tea, Tata tea


  • Tea Variety Darjeeling
  • Brand Tata Tea Premium
  • Bundle Information Bag
  • Flavour Masala
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 6.6 x 18.8 x 26.2 Centimeters
  • Weight 1018 Grams
  • Units 1000 gram
  • Material Feature Vegetarian
  • Specialty Vegetarian






10. Teabox Classic Darjeeling Pekoe Loose-Leaf Black Tea

Teabox’s Darjeeling Pekoe free leaf dark tea guarantees its clients a “fixed at source” newness. These leaves are vacuum pressed and cold put away at – 5 degrees. Home to one of Darjeeling’s most renowned nurseries, Lopchu, this tea is a smooth and flavorful cup with notes of cherrywood and cocoa.


Key Features

  • Fixed AT-SOURCE FRESHNESS: Our free leaves are Vacuum Packed at source and cold put away at – 5 degrees to promise you the freshest cup of tea conceivable
  • Dazzling LOOSE LEAF TEA: A smooth and delightful cup, with notes of cocoa and cherry wood, this chinary comes from one of Darjeeling’s most renowned nurseries
  • TEA PROFILE: Another high-grade tea from Darjeeling’s celebrated Lopchu gardens, this tea is a chinary assortment that is more smooth than the brilliant orange pekoe. It makes a sweet cup, with a smidgen of cocoa and cherry wood.
  • Alcohol Aroma: Heady consumed wood and smoke notes.
  • Alcohol COMPLEMENTS Hard cheddar, Creme Brulee.



  • Tea Variety Black
  • Brand Teabox
  • Form Loose Leaves
  • Weight 0.29 Pounds
  • Units 100 gram
  • Specialty Organic







The above-given rundown is of the best dark tea brands in India in 2022. These brands and teas have been picked cautiously so they have the most extreme ability to satisfy purchaser needs. They are one of the most amazing evaluated dark tea brands in the market based on value, quality, advantages, and criticism. Dark tea is an extraordinary and solid direction for living and that receives a ton of rewards like more grounded invulnerability and better wellbeing. Burning through some dark tea once a day is one of the sharpest and most educated decisions a buyer can make.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Assam CTC?

Crush, tear, curl (sometimes cut, tear, curl) is a method of processing black tea in which the leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets. … Tea produced using this method is generally called CTC tea or mamri tea.

2. Is Octavius tea good?


Loved the taste of the tea and the quality also. Have tried many brands on amazon and yet this one stands out as of distinct quality and flavor. Good packing, timely delivery. Excellent product from Octavius.


3. Is Assam tea black tea?


Assam tea is a variety of black tea made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica. It’s traditionally grown in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, one of the largest tea-producing regions in the world( 2 ).

4. What is Indian tea called?


History. The name “chai” is the Hindi word for “tea,” which was derived from “cha,” the Chinese word for “tea.” The term chai means a mix of spices steeped into a tea-like beverage. Recipes for chai vary across continents, cultures, towns, and families.

5. What is Broken Pekoe?

When crushed to make bagged teas, the tea is referred to as “broken”, as in “broken orange pekoe” (“BOP”). These lower grades include fannings and dust, which are tiny remnants created in the sorting and crushing processes. Orange pekoe is referred to as “OP”.


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